Give an Employee Time (GET to give!)

Offer your employees paid time off to help out or fundraise in our local community. It is a great way of fulfilling your corporate social responsibility policy and building a reputation as a responsible business.

We can help with:

  • A brokerage service matching interests, skills and availability to voluntary tasks
  • Knowledge of local organisations and their specific needs
  • Details of voluntary opportunities for individuals and teams
  • Local media publicity for team builds

What are the benefits to your business?

  • The company image and reputation is enhanced with customers and employees
  • Employees skills are developed; employees moral and motivation is increased
  • Team working within and across departments is improved
  • High calibre employees are attracted and retained
  • A commitment to developing strong and healthy communities is demonstrated
  • Networks are created with customers and partners
  • Valuable insight into the local community in which you operate
  • Positive publicity (although we are equally happy keep quiet about your support if that’s your preference)

The difference your business can make
Through your support you can make a real difference to Chelmsford. You will lead the way in building bridges between different sections of society and become an example of how a business can be an important partner in shaping the lives of people in our local community.

You and your employees can give their time and develop their skills through:

  • Team challenges - one-off practical tasks to improve local sites such as refurbishing a scout hut or helping to renovate a WW2 bunker
  • Providing business expertise - completing a short project for a charity, e.g. writing a business plan or designing a website
  • Becoming a regular volunteer - a variety of activities from mentoring a young person to visiting an older person
  • Become a Trustee - make a difference to the management and vision of an organisation, taking decisions around strategy, finance and HR.

To get involved or find our more, contact the team on
Email: Tel: 01245 280731.