The Men's Shed Chelmsford

Generally speaking men don’t talk to each other about their problems / health and there are very few places apart from the pub or gym where men can actually meet up on a casual basis.


Did you know?

Loneliness in older men can have a similar negative impact on health as smoking, obesity and alcoholism!


The Chelmsford Shed is a place for men to meet in a safe environment to share skills. It helps reduce isolation and loneliness that can be brought about due to life changes such as ill health, bereavement or older age.


Your donation will be used to purchase raw materials such as wood, screws and tools enabling the shedders to continue to meet and connect. The shedders need to raise finances in order to pay for the ongoing operating costs of the shed.

Donations of raw materials such as clean wood are also gratefully received.


‘Since losing my wife it has given me a purpose to get up in the morning’


It’s great to get out of the house’


I want to learn new skills’


I just want to meet up with likeminded chaps’


£2 would buy a length ow dowelling.

£5 would buy an assorted pack of sandpaper.